Fish Processing



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All Time Favourite
Fish Batter Fry
Made from Supreme fillets of fillets of fish marinated with herbs and seasoning and coated chef special batters. Serve hot with tom-chi sauce.
Fish Fry
Supreme fillets of fish marinated and coated with crispy bread crumbs. Deep fry and serve hot.
Fish Fingers
Prime cuts of fish fillets into strips and seasoned with zingy spices. Coat with crispy crumbs and deep fry at 170°C for 2-3 minutes. Serve hot with sauce.
Fish Rolls
Made of minced fish lightly prepared with Indian spices and roll with breadcrumbs. Fry trill golden colour
Prawn Fish Pakora
Benfish all-time favourite pakora made of prawn or Bhetki with hot spices and herbs. These crunchy pakoras served as cocktail snacks.
Samosas and Chop
Ready to fry Benfish Special samosas and chop made of minced fish cooked with special Indian spices. Deep fry till light golden colour for 4-5 minutes at 170°C. Serve with tomato/chilli sauces.
Fish in minutes range
Fish Tikia and Burger Patty
Made of minced lightly crumbed bhuna masala with a perfect blend of Indian and continental spices and crispy crumb coated. Patty should serve with bun and suitable sauce as super snacks.
Fish Chilli
Boneless fish cubes marinated with Chinese, Thai spices and herbs and serve with Benfish chilli sauce. Heat the product in an oven or microwave and its ready to eat.
Prawn / Fish Pickles
Benfish pickles are prepared with chef special recipe. The fish is carefully blended with country hand pounded spices to set the best taste and flavour.
Dry Fish
Dressed, degulted washed Bombay duck salted for 10-12 hours and mechanically dried at 45°C to 50°C in the drier for 8-12 hours. Packed in 65M thick poly bags. Dried fish should be consumed within 3 months.
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(Benfish style exotic fish delicacy)
Hot Garlic Szewan or Manchurian (Chef’s Special Fish)
Made of mince fish balls or cubes marinated and deep or stir fried with five spices powder. Serve with hot garlic sauce or szewan sauce. Heat the product in an oven, frying pan, or microwave and it’s ready to eat.
Fish Balls
Fish cubes marinated with chinese and thai spices and herbs and stir fried for 3 minutes. Serve hot with garnishes.
Fish Chat
Fresh fish strips marinated and coated with special sauce. Deep fry 3-4 minutes at 175°C. It goes well as snacks.
Fish Sandwiches
Made from slices of toasted, fried or plain bread with minced fish filling and salads. Super snacks for all ages.
Fried Rice / Pulao /Biriyani
Delicious aromatic rice and biriyani can be had plain as a complete meal itself or with Benfish Special dishes. Made of long grain fragrant Basmati rice and special chef spices in Dum Pukht style.
Stuffed Tandoori Pomfret
Marinated fresh water fish with a delectable tantalizing stuffing. Serve hot.

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